Musée du Louvre

Musée du Louvre, an art lover's paradise

Musée du Louvre, also known as the Louvre or the Louvre Museum is one of the most important historical landmarks of France. It is located on the banks of the river Seine in Paris. Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world, displaying over 30,000 paintings and other historical artifacts, it is truly a paradise for any art lover. Louvre is often considered as one of the most popular museums in the world, visited by millions of tourists every year.

Louvre was originally built as a fortress for King Philip Augustus in the late 12th century. However, Louis XIV decided to move his residence to the Palace of Versailles in the year 1682 and used Louvre as a place to display his personal art collection. Louvre Museum was first opened to the public in the year 1793 with a collection of over 500 paintings and other historical artifacts and has been popular since then.

Navy Pier

Navy Pier and its tourist attractions

Navy pier is an enormous dock found in Michigan near Streeterville next to Chicago’s downtown. It is known to be a home of many attractions. Today, the Navy pier is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the whole Midwestern US. It also forms the number one tourist attraction for Chicago.

The area covers a 50-acre of land with lots of tourist attractions a playground, museums, shops and restaurants. A trip to Pier Park offers a beautiful scenery of the Michigan Lake and great city views. This scenery is available all year round and most suitable for family holidays.

After a trip to the park, a tour to the Chicago children’s museum offers a great chance for children learn. Many exhibits are found in this great facility like dinosaur expedition, big backyards and inventing lab.

For entertainment purposes, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents an exceptional entertainment. State-of-the-art performances and elegant cultural music are what to expect whenever you step in this illustrious theater.

Disney’s California Adventure

The Attractions And Beauties Of Disney's California Adventure Park

When the theme of Disney’s California Adventure park was first built, the aim was to design it towards adults and also hoped to create a place where couple can easily escape without the children. Meanwhile, Disneyland is known as a family destination and full of stylish Disney park designed across the parkway which the people that went to Disney’s California Adventure tended to be families. Therefore, this is the right time to have second thought about Disney’s California Adventure.

Now start the major revamping of Disney’s California Adventure because there are additional of more rides which are geared towards families and the small children. Also, they are presently in the process of designing Radiator Springs which is the town from the movie Cars. The aspect of the Disney’s California Adventure park redesign includes the draining of the lagoon and connecting it to hundreds of water cannons and fountains. The outcome of the 75 million invested on the project is indeed breath taking because there is combination of lasers, water, fire and as well as classic Disney movies and music for entertainment which even the least family can always enjoy.

The amenities in Disney’s California Adventure park include California beach-front, which is the Hollywood inspired place that celebrates the beautiful wonders and various cultures of the state. This place is called "Paradise Pier" beautified with graphics and attractions which is connected with the pretty seaside prime to entertain the park piers. Another attraction in Disney’s California Adventure park is California Screamin – is indeed a huge roller coaster designed after the world’s great wooden coasters and it launches ramp on a white knuckle ride in every side of 2-mile long track.

King Triton’s Carousel is another attraction. This is an extraordinary ocean that was themed carousel to show off the creatures of marines rather than horses. Mulholland madness is an interesting attraction in Disney’s California Adventure park. It is a small roller coaster that takes passengers on outrageous and wacky ride on the freeway system of California. Other attractions that makes Disney’s California Adventure park more interesting are Orange Stinger, Hollywood Pictures Backlot coupled with the unique architectural design.

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