Cannibal Mermaids Reign Supreme In ‘The Lure’ Red Band Trailer · NYLON

  • Instead of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, this musical features mermaids.
  • Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Smoczynska’s directorial debut features cannibal mermaids, because really, what would a musical be without cannibal mermaids?
  • But that trailer was in Polish.
  • And while the subtitles certainly help in deciphering Smoczynska’s audacious vision, we’re pretty sure we had you at “cannibal mermaids,” right?
  • The Lure opens in theaters February 1.
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    There’s actually a musical about man-eating mermaids

  • Mermaids in a new wave band?
  • Man-eating mermaids in a new wave band?
  • And the music makes it even weirder… if a film about Polish man-eating mermaids wasn’t weird enough.
  • Set in 80s Warsaw, the film’s protagonists are two mermaids (obvs) called Golden and Silver who ditch the ocean life and land themselves a singing gig as club performers.
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    The film about man-eating mermaids who join a new-wave band

  • In film, mermaids have run the gamut, being depicted as conniving (Aquamarine), seductive (Splash!)
  • However, mermaids have never found their way out of the sea and onto the beer-soaked stage of a Polish night club… Until now.
  • The Lure, a Polish mermaid new wave rock musical slash thriller, is the directorial debut of Agnieszka Smoczynska.
  • Two mermaids – Golden and Silver – leave the ocean and are recruited as members of a band in 80s Warsaw.
  • The mermaids were simply a symbol, Smoczynska described in an interview, for “a girl who is growing and developing, a chrysalis waiting to become a woman.”
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    Weeki Wachi mermaids make waves at the Audubon Aquarium

  • The Weeki Wachee Mermaids return to the water this weekend at the Audubon Aquarium (Nov. 3-6) and next (Nov. 10-13).
  • The mermaids are party of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, one of Florida’s oldest tourist attractions.
  • Built in 1947, the park features an underwater mermaid theater with regular shows.
  • “Our guests were mesmerized by the mermaids last year and we’re excited to bring them back to New Orleans,” said Audubon Aquarium of the Americas Managing Director Rich Toth in a press release.
  • Guests ages 3 to 12 years old (accompanied by an adult) can transform into magical mermaids and mermen at the Sea Grass Salon.
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    The Lure is the weirdest, deadly mermaid musical trailer you’ll see today

  • A new trailer for the indie film The Lure has dropped, and there’s certainly no shortage of points for originality.
  • Entertainment Weekly has debuted a trailer for the buzzy Polish film, about two flesh-eating mermaids who connect with a beach rock band and follow them back to the club where they perform.
  • The film has been making the rounds at film festivals for a while now, garnering some largely positive reviews and interest.
  • There’s star-crossed love, rock music, and people-eating.
  • Check out the NSFW trailer below and let us know what you think:

    (Via Entertainment Weekly)

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